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Why Choose Us

Our features

Minimum Order

 We accpet 1pc products with logo printing, exciting ??  sure, you need pay logo charge!

 Also, as a specilal gift, you can give some special person in your life a special gift—a special USB FLASH DRIVE with your name or the speical one name .

 By the way, Simple, fast online order system to facilitate your operation and purchase, it can save your time and reduce your trouble. You just order it, then others we will do it for you.

Fast  delivery

For most common items, our delivery time from 2 days from small orders, sure, if your order is a little large, like on or over 500pcs with logo, the delivery time from 5 days after logo  onfirmed.

We use DHL,UPS, TNT, FEDEX and EMS to delivery the USB FLASH DISK to you, it is always take  only 2-3 days. We also provide detailed good status tracking information for you , so you can check your order status online at any times. there no distance between you and our meinon company.

Place order online

ybusb.com is usb flash drive factory website, all of our customers (including personal member—end-user and the wholesales/companies—the company member) can use is freely   online, you can enquiry online, you can order online too.In order to make everythings is convenient for you, you can upload your logo or other files online.

Easy pay

You can click the payment to learn how to pay.


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