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Looking at the three new trends in the development of the gift industry from the 28th Shenzhen Gift Show

Under the normal situation of the Covid-19, the social economy has recovered orderly as expected, and the exhibition, which is the industry's weather vane, can not only see the current situation of the industry, but also herald the future of the industry.

The 28th China (Shenzhen) International Gifts, Crafts, Watches and Housewares Exhibition (abbreviated as: Shenzhen Gift Show) has been held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (new hall) at June 20 to 23. The exhibition area is up to 160,000 square meters, nearly 3,500 companies participated in the exhibition, and the participation of the exhibition increased by nearly 50%.

The scope of participation in this exhibition mainly includes more than 20 product categories such as mobile digital products, stationery, handicrafts, ceramics, small household appliances, watches, home decorations, luggage and leather goods, gathering Philips, Swarovski, Huawei, Haier, Xiaomi and other domestic and foreign well-known brands exhibitors.

It can be summed up in one sentence: there are surprises and losses. But still optimistic about the future development of the gift industry.

The surprise is that the latest developments in the gift industry can be seen through this exhibition, especially the exhibition under the epidemic situation. Major brands and exhibitors actively participate in the exhibition, revealing their confidence in the industry’s prospects, and hope that the industry can speed up recovery as soon as possible.

The loss lies in the serious homogeneity of products. Many products, brands and companies of the same type have many homogenization phenomena. Although most brands can customize corporate gifts, many brands and products are not innovative enough. Although the category is complete, the quality is uneven.

On the whole, New Products can see three new trends in the development of China's gift industry from this exhibition:

  • Trend 1: The Covid-19 forces gift companies to make new changes and new attempts.

The epidemic has had a greater impact on the gift industry. According to the <Monthly Report on The Impact of The Epidemic on The Gift Industry> issued by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Gifts Chamber of Commerce in February this year, 97% of the sampled companies have a decline in revenue, nearly half of the companies have a decline in revenue of even more than 50%.

The epidemic has forced gift companies to respond positively to the market, accelerate the development of the Internet, expand e-commerce channels, and use new marketing models such as live broadcast to bring goods. In a research report on the gift industry recently released by the Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, "Internet + gift industry" is a major trend in the development of the industry.

  • Trend 2: The national tide brand shines on the stage to win market welcome

A number of various gift brands with the theme of national tide appeared at this year's Shenzhen Gift Show, attracting the attention of professional visitors and exhibitors.

In the context of the current national tide, national tide brands and cultural and creative brands have become more and more popular in the market, which also reflects the new changes in the market and the diversification of consumer needs.

  • Trend 3: The trend of personalization and customization is becoming more and more obvious

In recent years, our country’s gift industry has shown development trends such as individualization, creativity, and customization. Gift procurement companies are also paying attention to the obvious changes in market consumers. Consumers no longer care about the value of gifts as they did before, but are more concerned about the creativity, uniqueness etc. of gifts, which are in line with current trends, refreshing, and resonating visually and mentally.

Customization has always been a major trend in the development of the gift industry in recent years, and it has become the industry's main sales model. Whether it is a large-scale enterprise or a small and medium-sized enterprise, it is hoped to send out unique and exclusive customized gifts.