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2021 hot selling flash drives

1. Capacity is the most important factor to consider when purchasing a flash drive. Usually students will choose 16G, 32G flash drives for storing learning data; ordinary office workers will choose 64G, 128G flash drives to store work materials; however, for designers, photographers, and those who engaged in computer programming, a 512G, 1T large-capacity USB flash drive is needed.

2.In addition to storing data, flash drive has many other functions, such as encrypted flash drive, which is suitable for high-end business people to avoid data leakage. For professionals engaged in computer, it needs to be used for system startup or computer maintenance and the functional flash drive.

3.The transmission speed of the flash drive directly affects the transmission time. Generally, for students, the USB2.0 interface is sufficient. But for photographers who transfer large amounts of data, they can buy a USB3.0 or even USB3.1 ultra-fast flash drive.

4.A good brand is more secure on the quality of the flash drive chip, and the performance of the flash drive will be more stable. For office workers with special needs, you can choose Sony or Samsung, with good quality, multiple functions, and stable performance, but the price is slightly higher; for students or ordinary office workers, you can choose Taipower or Kingston, which is cost-effective.

Below are the Top 5 hot selling flash drives:

1.Kingston U Disk High Speed USB 3.0 DT100 

Kingston usb.JPG

2.SanDisk 64g High Speed 3.0 U Disk Metal U Disk Creative 64G Encryption

sandisk usb.JPG

3.HP HP U Disk 128gUSB3.1 High Speed Car 64g Computer System Student Business 32g Customized 3.0U Disk

hp usb drive.JPG

4.aigo/U Disk 64G Metal Mini Student Waterproof USB Flash Drive Car Business USB Flash Drive Gift Customized USB Flash Drive

aigo usb.JPG

5.Samsung BAR upgraded version 128G USB flash drive computer car dual-use USB3.1 high-speed metal protection mobile USB flash drive

samsung usb.JPG