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When using the USB, some tips you need to know

Below some tips for you when you use the USB:

■Hot plug ≠ random plug,

please do not pull out while the U disk is reading or storing data, so as not to cause damage to the U disk and interface;

■The USB flash drive is also required to load the driver when it should last. If you accidentally found that the USB flash drive is not recognized, please test and continue to plug and unplug.


■If the U disk is not used for a long time, please put it out in real time, so as not to accelerate the aging of the U disk; also, the host system will read and write the U disk constantly, it will affect the operating speed if you don't unplug when you don't use it;

■When the vehicle is on a fluctuating road, the vibration of the vehicle may cause the USB interface continues to be unstable, and signs of continuous disconnection are found. Please be patient and wait for the system to re-connected, or re-plug and unplug the USB flash drive to make it continue;

■When plugging in the USB flash drive, please do not use excessive force. If can't insert, please find another angle of insertion, do not insert it into device violently, or it can easily cause permanent damage to the USB interface;

■If there are partitions in the USB flash drive, the USB flash drive will be unrecognizable.

■Please keep the USB interface clean. If there is rust, water stains, fine waste or other foreign matter in the USB interface, it will cause the U disk to not be able to continue normally.