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Real full capacity or Fake capacity usb flash drive

  In china usb market, why different seller quote the different price,Even some seller quote very low price ( the price less than the usb chip cost) .this is the fake usb drive and fake SSD .

fake usb drive  and fake SSD.JPG

  Today , Let 's talk about real capacity usb drive chip and fake capacity usb chip. what is the fake capacity usb chip?

  Some seller quoted the very low price , they use the very small capacity chip ( 128mb or less , just a example) then they use the some software change the capacity  (just only  the value changed!!!)  when you put the usb on the computer,  the capacity show 16GB , But you only copy 128MB file or less into the usb, when the file more than 128MB , the usb will show messy code.

  How do we identify fake capacity usb drive? we can use h2 testw to test the usb drive,Please check the following content.